How much does it cost to develop an Android app?

How much does it cost to develop an Android app?

After the pandemic, the demand for online sales & purchases has increased. Now, most businesses are coming online and selling their services. Startups and small businesses want to sell their products online and build their application. Quite often a company owner wants to know how much does it costs to develop an Android app. We’ll cover everything about the development of an Android application. When hiring an app developer or app development agency, it’s obvious that everybody wants high-quality features at a low cost.    

The truth is the cost is dependent on the requirements, features, and platform of the app. If you want to develop your app for both Android & iOS, the cost might be higher. 

Why Business Opt for Android App Development?

  1. Vast customer base: There is no doubt that the customer base of Android is very vast. It’s much higher than iOS.
  2. Cost-Effective: Android in comparison to iOS is more cost-effective; there is only a one-time fee of $25 at the time of registration. 
  3. Easy integration: With effective customization, the Android platform offers appropriate tools with easy to integrate with the third-party feature. It helps to reduce the development time.
  4. Highly customizable: Android applications are highly customizable because Play Store offers a lot of room for customization & innovation.

The difference in Android & iOS Development Cost

  • Hourly Rate: The cost of any application depends on how much time it takes and which technology or programming languages are used to build an app. Android apps are written in Java, whereas iOS applications are based on Swift & objective-C. So Android apps are less costly than iOS.
  • Design, Development, and Testing: The design time for both Android & iOS doesn’t vary too much. The development with Java is quite balancing as compared to Swift and Objective-C. When it comes to testing, Android takes more time than iOS because Android developers have to test across multiple devices. 
  • App launch: When it comes to launching the app, the App Store is filled with strict guidelines, whereas Google does not have restricted entry. So go ahead with the Android application, it can save your time and extra development cost.

How much does it cost to develop an Android application?

  1. Pricing model: Now you are aware of the hourly rate model. There is also a fixed price model which is decided by both client and developer agreement. Here the client will agree on the final product and policies. 
  2. Dedicated team member: Another important factor is the total number of team members working on the project. 
  3. Kind of application: Cost also depends on what kind of application you want to create like, a table-based app, database app, dynamic app, or gaming app. 


This is all about how much does it cost to develop an Android app. Develop your effective business app with us. We provide robust business solutions for our clients. Please connect with us to discuss this in detail. We are always here to solve your queries.

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