8 SEO Tips That Will Get Your App More Downloads

Nowadays, optimization of app stores for mobile is more important than website optimization. App store optimization optimizes mobile applications to boost the number of downloads; simply creating an app and placing it on the Google play store doesn’t work. You’ll need a proper SEO strategy to rank your app. You can increase your app downloads by doing proper ASO(App Store Optimization). Here we’re going to discuss the 8 SEO tips that will get your app more downloads. 

8 Tips To Get More App Downloads

So let’s get started with the 8 tips that can help you to get more app downloads. Check out these 5 steps to a successful app launch.

Eye-catching app icon: App icon is the first thing that people see in the app store; so choose an eye-catching design that attracts users and convinces them to download the app; make sure to use a design that serves the clear purpose of the app, don’t try to make it too flashy. 
Social media reach: Create a social media profile for your business and mention theirs about your app. Create conversation and engage with your potential customers. Maintain good relationships with your customers; this can help to spread word-of-mouth publicity and generate more leads or downloads. 
Keyword-friendly app URL: To increase visibility you should make sure to include the keyword in the app URL; if you don’t make it keyword-friendly then, it’s difficult to rank your app and get more downloads. 
Proper description: Include necessary information about your app in the description. This can help the user to get an idea about the app. 
Optimizing your keyword usage: Keyword usage can make or break your app’s success on the market. Don’t just slap keywords into everything and hope for the best; research which keywords are causing the most growth in traffic and targeted users. The right mix of relevant words for each section of your app can maximize user conversion rates, thus increasing download from organic search results.
Use A/B testing: A/B testing is an effective way to determine app performance. It helps you to find the issues in your app and you can solve them to provide a better user experience.   
User Reviews: User reviews are vital to your app’s success and should be considered strategic marketing tools. They can make or break the app’s download conversion rate, along with its overall rating. Make sure to encourage user reviews and use them as a way to create positive word-of-mouth campaigns for your app.
Promote the app: Advertisement of the app is the most important part; it helps to introduce it in an online marketplace. You can promote it on social media platforms, backlinks, by using ads, etc.


Generating more downloads for your app is not an easy thing but, if you use these tips, you’ll see a boost in downloads and ranking. Keep in mind that your user’s preference is more important; so make a strategy that works well for your customers. This is all about 8 SEO tips that will get your app more downloads. Use them to rank your app on the Google play store. Please share your views in the comments. 

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