How to Build an App like Uber- Complete Process

How to Build an App like Uber

Are you thinking of developing a ride-sharing app like Uber? But don’t have an idea about how to do it? Then, you are at the right place; here will provide a complete guide about how to build an app like Uber. Because of this pandemic, many businesses are in a loss situation and confused about starting something new; so if you want to invest in app development, check out investing in mobile app development 2021.

As you know, Uber has gained huge success and is recognized as the second most disruptive company in the world. It works in more than 80 countries and 800+ cities, providing 24/7 on-demand services. After uber got successful in the market, lots of small businesses have created similar apps and gained a loyal customer base. It works well on Android and iOS, and it is easy to book your ride with Uber.

How Does Uber Work?

Before discussing the development process, let’s understand how the app works: 

  • Request: First, the customer requests a ride through the Uber app. User has to enter the destination address and their current location.
  • Matching: Available driver nearby location accepts your request, and if they reject it, it’ll be transferred to another driver.
    Confirmation &
  • Payment: Now, the rider has confirmed your ride; you have to choose the mode of payment; it should be in cash or online way.
  • Ride: You are ready to track your ride during the process.
  • Review & Rating: After completing the ride, customers have to rate it based on their experience.

What Features Do You Need To Develop An App Like Uber?

When you decide to build an app, some questions can hit your mind, like how much does it cost you? How long will it take you? Do you need to hire professional developers? What features will you provide in that app? And many more.

Here we’ll help you to get some basic ideas about these things. So let’s get started:

  1. Geolocation: This is the essential feature that users consider in any cab booking app because taxi booking apps are based on GPS. You can also use the routing server for a seamless experience. There are two different tools for Android and iOS. MapKit for iOS and Google Maps for Android users. 
  2. Notifications and SMS: Every user wants to get notifications and updates regarding their order or work. Uber notify every critical update to their users. It uses Twilio telecommunications provider to send SMS; for iOS- Apple push notification service, and Google Cloud Messaging(GCM) for Android.
  3. Payment: To avoid frauds and errors, Uber implemented an online payment method. There are some specific requirements that the company needs to fulfill while accepting online payment.

Some Basic Features:

  • Practical and attractive UI/UX design
  • Driver reports
  • Route optimization
  • Personal profile editing
  • Essays of past booking and earning
  • Free cancellation within a sat of the period

Overall Cost Of Developing Uber-like App

The development cost depends on multiple factors, like the number of features you are going to offer, the company’s geographical location, hourly rates, and more. Following are the factors of taxi app development:

  • Android/iOS platform
  • Technology going to used
  • Features and functionalities 
  • UI/UX designing 
  • Maintenance of the app 

The development cost for an Uber-like app for a single platform(Android & iOS) ranges from $70,000 – $1,00,000 at an hourly rate of $40. If you want to develop a more advanced and feature-rich app, the cost may range higher than $4,00,000.


Building an on-demand taxi service app like Uber is a long process and requires a high budget and proper time management; for startups, it can be expensive to develop such apps. Through this blog, you’ve got the basic idea about how to build an app like Uber. If you are still confused, get in touch with us to discuss this in detail; we’ll help you get through every step. Read further to know about the cost of developing an Android app

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