Vidhema Confrence App


  • Conference schedule grouped by date and time
  • Add talks to My Schedule
  • Speaker profiles along with their talks
  • Add you event data directly in the app or hook the app with your own backend web service
  • Built with Ionic 4 , Angular 7, Cordova ,Sass
  • One code for mobile apps and website
  • More then 10 Pages
  • Easily Customizable
  • Reduce development efforts by more then 70

Setting up the theme

  1. Download the installer for Node.js 6 or greater.
  2. Install the ionic CLI globally: npm install -g ionic
  3. Run npm install from the project root.
  4. Run ionic serve in a terminal from the project root.

For build PWA, follow these Steps:

  1. un-comment this code to enable service worker
  2. Run npm run ionic:build –prod
  3. Push the www folder to your hosting service

Setting up the theme

  • Buy and Download .zip file and unzip.
  • Run the project on local , run ionic serve
  • Run npm install to install libraries
  • Run ionic cordova resources to generate all platforms icons and splash

For build PWA, follow these Steps:

ng add @angular/pwa --project app

ionic build --prod

Check the www folder for PWA

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • If you are facing any issues in setting up your application/template in your system, feel free to drop us an email at Our team will quickly get in touch with you and help to solve the issues.

  • All the basic setup and installation instructions are given with each app or inside the file of the project. In some cases, documentation will be provided separately on the cloud. We’ll help you to get every important file that you need.

  • As all our products are digital, and once they are sold, they can’t be taken back. So we usually do not provide any refund to any of our customers. Apart from that, we offer a downloadable APK or a web demo for testing. Also, there are several screenshots taken from the actual app. All these factors help you decide that the app is as per your requirements or not before purchase. Our support team will always solve your issues. Just drop your message at after purchase. We’ll consider a refund if the app is in the worst condition or lacking the features mentioned in the description.

  • Its answer is simple. Once you purchase a starter, you can modify the code in the way you like. According to our licensing terms, a necessary license allows you to create a single app from theme/starter/template. In extended versions, it will enable you to create multiple products from theme/starter/template.

  • We currently support Paypal and Razorpay for all the payments. We are going to add new methods soon.

  • With each purchase, you’ll get the complete source code of the app in a zipped file. As per the terms and conditions, you can modify the source code and make your app.